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NAT HLA (North Atlantic)RNP-10/RNP-4 (Pacific and WATRS Plus/Gulf of Mexico)B-RNAV/P-RNAV (European)CPDLC (FANS 1/A)CPDLC (ATN B1)ADS-B OUT



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Please upload supporting documentation. Examples of supporting documentation include: STC documentation, Airplane Flight Manual Supplement, crew training certificates, MEL (if applicable).




  • Operator understands RVSM approval through the FAA may take 60 days, sometimes longer, depending on FAA workload and
    availability. Part 91 RVSM LOAs are the lowest priority inspector activity. FAA has no expedite or appeal process.
  • Operator understands that the designated Responsible Person must be the first point of contact for the FAA. Any technical
    questions or changes to the RVSM manual requested by the FAA can be directed to Jet RVSM Services, LLC until the LOA is issued.
  • By signing this application, you authorize Jet RVSM Services, LLC to prepare Special Areas of Operation (SAO) documentation for the aircraft listed on Page 1. The charges for services provided are due prior to FAA submission or delivery to you. We agree to complete the RVSM application package within five (5) business days of receipt of a complete info form AND ALL OTHER REQUIRED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTAITON. JET RVSM SERVICES, LLC AND ITS EMPLOYEES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES IN EXCESS OF THE VALUE OF SERVICES PROVIDED.
  • Jet RVSM Services, LLC agrees to complete the RVSM application package within five (5) business days of receipt of a completed information form AND ALL OTHER REQUIRED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATON pertaining to aircraft systems.

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