Safety Management System

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Company Operations and Safety Management Systems

ICAO Annex 6 Part II requires a Company Operations Manual, which also includes:

  1. Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  2. Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  3. Fatigue Management Program

Bermuda is the only country somewhat enforcing the ICAO Annex 6 Part II requirements. In France, having an SMS means one more item not to worry about during a SAFA check. Canada and the UK have not yet started enforcing the ICAO requirements on U.S. registered aircraft. The FAA has no intention at this point in imposing a safety management system requirement on Part 91 operators. However, the NTSB takes the position that a “reasonable operator” of a vessel, would implement a safety management system. The creates the potential for a plaintiff’s attorney to cast an operator as “unreasonable” following an accident that ocurrs without an SMS in place.



The “gold standard” (maximal compliance) for ICAO Annex 6 Part II compliance is IS-BAO registration with the International Aviation Business Council (IBAC). This is a major and costly undertaking, but is recognized instantly throughout the world as compliance with ICAO. IBAC offers IS-BAO manual templates and resources.



If you are interested in getting started on a budget with “minimal compliance,” then we can help. Jet RVSM can draft a self-audited minimally compliant Company Operations and Safety Management System for you. Our process for preparing a manual is customized to YOUR operations, and is drafted in a professional user-friendly format familiar to civil aviation inspectors. Upgradable to IS-BAO audit & registration if that makes sense for your operation in the future.