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FAA LOA B034 (BRNAV/PRNAV) was decommissioned and replaced with C063 (RNAV-1/RNP-1). If you have a B034 LOA, you need to contact your local FAA office to remove this LOA and replace with the C063 LOA. This LOA authorizes operators to conduct RNAV/1/RNP-1 arrival and departure procedures outside the U.S. in certain countries that require authorization (including EASA countries and Mexico). Check the country's AIP for their specific requirements. The U.S. does not require this LOA for Part 91 operators.

FAA LOA C052 authorizes operators to conduct LNAV/VNAV/LPV approaches outside the U.S. As with RNAV-1/RNP-1, check the country's AIP for their specific requirements. The FAA does not require an LNAV/VNAV/LPV LOA for Part 91 operators.


An LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance) approach is an RNAV (GPS) approach with minimums that are typically lower than LNAV or LNAV/VNAV approaches. An LPV approach is an approach procedure designed specifically for SBAS environments. WAAS/LPV procedures are RNAV approaches defined by the FAA as one of four possible lines of approach minimums found on an RNAV approach chart. WAAS avionics equipment approved for LPV approaches is required for this type of approach. This LOA is not a comprehensive list of authorized approaches for the operator, but a subset to address foreign GNSS-based approach authorization requirements..

Aircraft Capability

The Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) or Supplement identifies each PBN specification (such as RNP 2, RNP 1 or RNP APCH) for which the aircraft has an airworthiness approval. If unsure, you may need to check with the manufacturer.

For some older aircraft, statements in the AFM or AFM Supplement declaring the aircraft is approved are acceptable. This applies to approvals for:




  • GPS RNAV LP or LPV operations.


Link to FAA Resources:

FAA's Flight Operations Group: Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Guidance & Approval

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