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RVSM Overview - FAA

The FAA has removed the requirement for an RVSM LOA to operate in US Domestic RVSM airspace – if the aircraft is BOTH ADSB OUT equipped and RVSM capable. To enter RVSM airspace without an FAA-issued authorization beginning 1/22/19, ALL of the following must be true:

  • Flight conducted within the United States**;

  • N-registered aircraft based in the US;

  • RVSM compliant aircraft with RVSM knowledgeable pilots;

  • ADS-B Out compliant aircraft (flying in airspace actively being ADS-B monitored)

    • ADS-B Out system must meet equipment performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227 (Look for statement in the AFM


Submitting an LOA Application to the FAA (LOA B046)

The RVSM LOA application process has not changed, but is only required if an aircraft will be operated outside the US. Countries outside the US require an operator specific authorization (LOA) to enter RVSM airspace. To comply with ICAO Annex 6, each operator of aircraft must still apply to FAA for RVSM authorization under Appendix G, Section 3 and obtain an RVSM LOA.

RVSM Operations Outside the United States

RVSM authorizations are required by all countries outside the U.S. and in oceanic airspace. If you plan on flying anywhere outside U.S. controlled airspace, you must have an RVSM LOA B046 to fly between FL290 and FL410.

The FAA's notice for RVSM authority outside the U.S. is provided below:

FAA Notice: RVSM Authority Outside the U.S.

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